crb checks and background screening

Do you require CRB (Now called DBS - Disclosure & Barring Service) Checks? offers a service for employers and organisations requiring a fast DBS Checking service for their employees.

There are three different levels of criminal record checks.

Basic DBS check:

These are only available through

Standard DBS Check:

Also referred to as a Standard Disclosure. These are primarily for posts that involve working with children or vulnerable adults. Standard checks may also be issued for people entering certain professions, such as members of the legal and accountancy professions. The Standard check contains details of all convictions held on the PNC including current and 'spent' convictions as well as details of any cautions, reprimands or final warnings. If a position involves working with children, the DBS check will indicate whether information is held on three government lists of those who are banned from working with children or the vulnerable.

Enhanced DBS Check:

Also referred to as an Enhanced Disclosure. These are for posts that involve a far greater degree of contact with children or vulnerable adults. In general the type of work will involve regularly caring for, supervising, training or being in sole charge of such people. Examples include a Teacher, Scout or Guide leader. Enhanced checks are also issued for certain statutory purposes such as gaming and lottery licences. 
We offer:

■   Competitive rates
■   A fast and efficient DBS check and disclosure service
■   Friendly and knowledgeable help desk support
■   Policies and procedural guidance
■   Online audit tracking to check the progress of each application
■   POVA checks online is a service provided by Blackboard Recruitment Ltd – An “umbrella body” of the DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) and is approved to verify and issue applications.

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